Are deliveries and returns 
easy for you and your customers,
wherever they are, whenever they like?


They could be… 

Did you know?


  • 2 in 3 Australians regularly miss deliveries
  • 70% have issues receiving parcels at work
  • 53% can’t have or do not want parcels left on their doorstep
  • Opening hours at the post office are within work hours
  • Nobody likes to have to queue up to get their parcel
  • Individual deliveries and returns are expensive

It’s not a good customer experience. We wanted to change that…

Our 200+ retail partners include:

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The Parcelpoint Solution

We’ve created a suite of delivery and returns solutions only possible with our network of 1400 local Parcelpoints.

At the heart of our solution lies pickup and dropoff. For over 1 million Parcelpoint customers, they prefer the simplicity of having a parcel delivered to their local Parcelpoint, for them to pick up whenever they like. And, just as easy to drop off a return.

Having a Parcelpoint store in every neighbourhood has opened up the ability for us to consolidate deliveries and returns, which means the most cost-effective solution for you, and less carbon impact on the planet. And much, much more…

Delivery Solutions

The simplest way to solve all your delivery needs. Just add our Parcelpoint network of 1400 pickup and drop off locations at check out so that your customers never miss a delivery again.



Returns Solutions

A better returns experience for your customers with our end-to-end service and no integration required. Simple tracking, an NPS of 85, you can’t go wrong! A simple dropoff solution at one of our 1400 Parcelpoint locations.


Parcelpoint Badge

“Our vision is a world where people are more connected with each other, and their local communities. Where we work together, as neighbours, to help each other.”

And so we created PARCELPOINT.

A network of local delivery, pickup and return locations – convenience stores, pharmacies, service stations – all open late and on weekends – all around Australia, where you can have a parcel delivered, and pick up or drop off whenever you like.

No stress. No missed deliveries. No cards in the mail.

Simple. Personal. Connection.

Don’t just take it from us…





A better experience for customers

1.3 million


“The return journey is just as important as the final mile in e-commerce fulfilment. In building out a better returns solution, which includes Parcelpoint, Showpo is able to build trust with customers and encourage customers to shop again with Showpo. Ease of use and choice are two key reasons we decided to partner with Parcelpoint.”

Paul Waddy, Head of Operations at Showpo

A better solution for retailers


  • 200+ retail store partners
  • Consolidating local freight to our Parcelpoints means we can offer the most cost-effective and greener delivery and returns rates in the market
  • No missed deliveries means no re-delivery fees
  • It’s a secure alternative to “Authority to Leave”, which means fewer lost products
  • Drastically reduce customer service delivery & returns enquiries

Want to know more? Download our case study with adidas.


Getting started is quick and simple…


1. Pick the delivery + returns solutions that are the right fit for you

2. Add any upgrades you would like

3. We can help you forecast volumes from past delivery data

4. Check rates based on volumes

5. We’ll send you our Parcelpoint agreement

6. Integrate the Parcelpoint widget

7. Start offering your customers an awesome, local delivery + returns experience!




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