Parcelpoint Dangerous Goods and Prohibited Items Policy

Last updated 27 August 2019

The Policy sets out a list of Dangerous Goods which may be subject to specific packing instructions or included in the list of Prohibited Items that may not be lodged for carriage via the Parcelpoint Services. 

Parcelpoint and its Agents also reserve the right to not accept any parcel even if it is not listed as a Dangerous Good or Prohibited Item. If you have any queries, please contact us via


1. Dangerous Goods and hazardous substances


1.1 What are dangerous goods?



Dangerous Goods” means any goods deemed of a dangerous or hazardous nature including but not limited to Goods which are or may become dangerous, inflammable, explosive, volatile or offensive (including radioactive materials) or goods which are or may become liable to damage or injure any property or persons, and anything classified as a class 9 dangerous goods (ie lithium batteries) whether you were aware of the dangerous or hazardous nature of the goods or not, and includes, without limitation, goods forbidden, limited or restricted from time to time by:

(a) the International Air Transport Association (“IATA”);

(b) the International Civil Aviation Organisation

(c) the Civil Aviation Safety Authority;

(d) the Australian Dangerous Goods Code; or

(e) any applicable law, regulation, guideline or requirement of a regulatory body or government of a country or territory from, through or into which the Goods are carried, stored or handled.


1.2 Items containing lithium batteries


Items containing lithium ion batteries may be lodged for carriage by air or sea within Australia, provided that:

(a) the batteries are installed in a device that is in good working order;

(b) the batteries are less than 20 watt hour per cell, or 100 Watt hour per battery and no more than 2 cells, or contain less than two grams of lithium content; and 

(c) the article is packaged, labelled and presented in the manner prescribed in the current Technical Instructions of the Civil Aviation Organisation, as reflected in the IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations or as directed by Parcelpoint.

Recalled, damaged, or non-conforming cells, batteries or items containing them must not be lodged with Parcelpoint or its Agents.


2. Prohibited items


The following Prohibited Items must not be lodged for carriage via the Parcelpoint Services without Parcelpoint’s prior written consent.

(a) Goods containing defective, damaged or leaking lithium batteries, or damaged goods which may have sustained damage to lithium batteries contained in them

(b) Items that are illegal, explosive, dangerous or potentially destructive

(c) Poisons, drugs or medicines

(d) Dangerous Goods unless permitted in writing by Parcelpoint or articles containing lithium batteries as specified in clause 1.2

(e) Liquids

(f) Pastes, powder or tablet which is a Dangerous Good

(g) An article containing any object with a sharp edge or point not equipped with a securely fitted sheath or guard, which is capable of cutting or penetrating the cover of the article containing it or the cover of an article with which it may come in contact during carriage and which has not been properly packed to avoid damage

(h) Perishable food which has not been properly packed

(i) Live creatures or plants

(j) Bullion, bank notes, coins or negotiable instruments

(k) Gemstones, gold, silver and other precious metals

(l) Weapons of any kind whatsoever, including without limitation

(i) grenades, mortar shells or canisters, or parts thereof – even if rendered inert;

(ii) firearms or firearms parts;

(iii) anything resembling, or which may reasonably be taken for any item excluded in this clause including replicas or stage props; and

(m) Anything that is not adequately packed or packaged, or contains anything that is capable, as packed or packaged, of causing injury, or damage

(n) Items where possession or carriage is prohibited by any applicable law

(o) Unsolicited indecent or offensive material

(p) Cigarettes or tobacco

(q) Human tissue, organs, blood or blood products

If you have queries or uncertain if an item is a Dangerous Good or Prohibited item, you must not send the item. Please contact us via with any queries.