We can help you grow your business by creating more connections in your community, where locals can pickup or drop off their parcels wherever they are, whenever they like.

How we can help?

  • We will promote your business within the community and nationally on hundreds of retailers websites.
  • You earn revenue from every parcel picked up or dropped off.
  • It’s simple to implement, no setup fees or equipment needed.

Let’s do it!

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“Our vision is a world where people are more connected with each other, and their local communities. Where we work together, as neighbours, to help each other.”

And so we created PARCELPOINT.

A network of local delivery, pickup and return locations – convenience stores, pharmacies, service stations – all open late and on weekends – all around Australia, where you can have a parcel delivered, and pick up or drop off whenever you like.

No stress. No missed deliveries. No cards in the mail.

Simple. Personal. Connection.

Do you have these?


  • Good customer service
  • Laptop or tablet with internet access
  • A secure area to store parcels
If you answered yes, Parcelpoint could help you grow your business.


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“We have found the Parcelpoint service very easy and convenient for both our staff and customers. Set-up and usage is easy. The process doesn’t interrupt with our core business at all – it is quick and simple. Customers find iat easy and it has been driving revenue we have been keeping track and approximately 30% of customers are purchasing other products in store, which is a fantastic result!”

Kelly Seddon, Manager Palmyra Chemmart Pharmacy WA

Cartridge World Hampton

Sandra has been a Parcelpoint location for 12 months, she offers collection and return services, as well as being a designated Foxtel packaging location.

“My Saturday foot traffic is up 10%. My sales since November are up about $15,000. The only thing I’ve done differently is parcel collection and drop off with Parcelpoint.”

I like to create a customer experience where they remember exceptional service & a friendly person assisting them. When that happens they will
come back to purchase from me.

Some customers question why my store is a Parcelpoint agent, I say it’s not for the revenue, but the marketing I get out of providing the service. It physically places people inside my store… most people after that conversation say they are coming back & would prefer to shop locally.”


Sandra – Cartridge World Manager 

Help your community and we’ll help your business grow

1.2 million customers

80 NPS

  • 90% of customers visit their local Parcelpoint within 24 hours of being notified of delivery, so you won t have parcels sitting around uncollected
  • 34% of customers buy something when they pick up or drop
    off their parcel
  • $25 average spend by customers at a Parcelpoint location
  • 60% of Parcelpoint customers are new customers to their pickup or drop off location

Our 200+ retail partners include:

Getting started


Getting started is even easier than you think…


  • Our easy-to-use front end solutions mean you can start receiving parcels from day-one.


  • Instant activation of your business as a Parcelpoint
    location via our 200+ retailers (incl. Amazon, eBay,
    ASOS and The Iconic)


  • With our out of the box web platform to manage
    everything, all you need is internet access


  • No setup costs or monthly fees for our starter solution


  • Parcelpoint looks after delivery and customer support

How it works

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Step 1:
Parcel is delivered

When a customer chooses to pickup their parcel from their local Parcelpoint, we deliver it to you and you simply make is as 'Awaiting Collection.'

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Step 2:
Customer is notified

The customer will get a notification their parcel has arrived and they'll pop in to pick it up.

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Step 3:
Check customer ID

You check their ID to make sure they are the correct person and make the parcel as collected. Simple.

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Step 1:
Customer books return

The customer goes through Parcelpoint or their retailer to book their return. They then drop their parcel off at their chosen location.

Parcelpoint ICONS-42
Step 2:
You lodge the return

You simply scan in or type in the barcode number and lodge the return.

Parcelpoint ICONS-44
Step 3:
The parcels are picked up

We pickup the returning parcels to send back to the retailer.

Parcelpoint locations


With our network of 1400 local delivery,
pickup and return locations – convenience
stores, pharmacies, service stations – all open
late and on weekends – all around Australia,
there should be a Parcelpoint in your
neighbourhood, close to home or work.


Tell us your postcode and let’s find one!

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